About Us

Broadfeather Design is a diverse design company thriving on a vast array of services for both residential and commercial projects. Specialising in hiding sneaky sockets and showcasing sexy soffits, we are all about the details.

From concept creation to selection of decorative finishes, the Broadfeather Design team provide a high quality of service that our mums believe is second to none!

From early forays into fort building and doll house remodelling, we have grown into outstanding designers and design enthusiasts. For us, design is all consuming. It is a job, a hobby and a passion.

Joanne - Director/Lead Designer


Director/Lead Designer

The creative vision behind Broadfeather Design comes from Director and Lead Designer, Joanne Hurt. With over a decade of experience within the building and design industry as both a picky client and perfectionist interior designer, Joanne has an understanding of clients’ expectations and needs.

Committed to providing an outstanding and personalised client experience, Joanne ensures the finished product reflects the style and functional needs of everyone who engages the services of Broadfeather Design.

Fun Fact: Joanne wants to find the perfect decorative item to fill every niche that was ever built!


Arty Interior Designer


Interior Designer

A gifted designer, Arty works with each of her clients to ensure their space is tailored to their individual wants and needs. She is dedicated, talented and has a fresh approach to design that brings concepts to life for her clients.

Fun Fact: Arty’s dream pantry would be choc full butterscotch flavoured coffee sachets!


Tracey Interior Designer


Interior Designer

Tracey’s multi-disciplinary background provides the perfect backdrop for the intricate world of design. She is a talented designer with the ability to think creatively whilst also being down to earth and conscious of a client's budget.

With complimentary skills as a professional photographer, her ability to spatially plan and visualise a space is a definite strength. She loves nothing more than a challenge and isn’t afraid to take clients to, and past their expectations and dreams.

Fun Fact: Coffee, coke and all things caffeinated will send Tracey a bit cuckoo.