Hospital School SA

Not many people seem to know that there is a school set within the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in North Adelaide. When we were first introduced the environment was ready for a revamp. And what a revamp it was! 

The over-arching brief was to think outside of the box to bring colour, warmth and a bit of fun to the school. By its very nature, the school community supports children in continuing their education through health challenges and we saw the perfect opportunity to implement some of the core elements of biophilic design. Colour, yes we can do that! Texture and surprise, we can do that too!  We were very fortunate to have the full support of the school’s leadership to push the design boundaries, and in fact on occasion they asked us to push even further!!

The end result is a rich colour and material palette that has a bit of fun, a bit of quirk and everything in between. The project was extremely successful with the school’s renovated environment positively supporting the health and wellbeing of staff and students alike.  

Interior hallway

This hallway is the transition space from ‘hospital corridor’ to ‘school’ so it was of key importance that there was a sense of immediate impact. The school’s three branding colours were introduced as way finders, providing both a practical locator for new families, but also a hint of what was to come throughout the school. The darker colour tones used on the hallway ceiling and upper walls were intentionally selected to make the space feel warm and inviting, and a step away from the more clinical hospital environment.


Junior Classroom

In this space we were blessed with an existing installation of hand-painted ceiling murals. These provided the inspiration for a more nature-inspired colour palette starting with a beautiful, subtle and calming green wall colour throughout. The school colours were then added into the palette to tie the classroom in with the rest of the revamp.


This was not a “normal” kitchen as we know it, it was one with a complexity of needs and a variety of users. The brief included catering for staff and students of various ages (and heights) with regular use for cooking classes. Accessibility was also key, with the desire for it be as inclusive as possible for students with a multitude of health issues.

First priority, make the space work well for all. The final design included a full working kitchen with two different levels of benchtop. The upper section is aimed towards staff with a strategically placed gate for safety. The lower section provides a good working height for children and easy access for wheelchair use. Located alongside the junior classroom, the nature-inspired green was continued into the kitchen with the addition of timber grain joinery and user friendly materials.

Senior classroom

From the outset, the concept for this classroom included a purple ceiling in a colour by Dulux called  ‘Punch It Purple’. Why purple? There is colour theory behind the selection and amongst other things, purple is known for inducing calmness and stability. It also has the propensity to be mysterious and moody; does that remind you of any teenagers that you may know? The rich colour palette extends to the walls and floor, a custom wall mural and vibrant joinery,all of which provides a place of refuge that can take staff and students away from the reality of hospital for a brief moment.


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From start to finish, we felt heard and acknowledged by the Broadfeather Design team, and it was clear that they were truly invested in creating a space that was tailored to our needs and preferences. Broadfeather Design took the time to listen to ideas and understand the vibe we were hoping to achieve. They were able to take the initial vision and elevate it to the next level by introducing new ideas and design elements that we would have never thought of on our own. The end result was a school that not only looked incredible but also felt incredible. The atmosphere of the learning and staff spaces was completely transformed, and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

Since the redevelopment, we have had countless people comment on the look and vibe of our space. It's evident that Broadfeather Design’s work has set our site apart from other spaces, and it's become a talking point and we have had others visit the space for inspiration and to hear about our refurbishment process.

Working with the team at Broadfeather Design was effortless. They were incredibly easy to work with, always prompt in their communication, and made sure that the entire process was transparent and stress-free. It's clear that they truly care about their clients and are dedicated to creating a collaborative outcome.

Matthew, School Principal