Joinery design

Joinery design is a lesser known but super critical specialisation of interior design. Our genius of joinery, Valentina, isn’t just a draftsperson, she is a fully qualified interior designer with an innate skill for integrating built-in furniture and joinery into an overall interior design concept.

Our joinery design expertise extends from commercial to multi-residential and custom homes, from bars to kitchens, reception counters to home libraries and from changerooms to walk in robes. We can even tailor custom furniture pieces to your exacting needs.

We understand that commercial builds need to consider how the client and their users will embrace the space. Multi residential projects needs to have a point of difference whilst being cost effectively repeatable and custom home projects can be more specifically tied to the individual.

Why engage a joinery designer?

While cabinetmakers are the experts at construction and installation, we dedicate the time it takes to iron out potential problems around functionality, growing or changing families and incorporation of modern conveniences. We look at your budget and then work to ensure that your individual priorities are met.

If you are working within or extending an existing structure, we will come to you to explore the space and its relationship to the rest of the build. We talk about who is using the space along with what currently works and doesn’t.

If you are starting from scratch with a new build, we help you understand the proportions and how to best use them. What we have is time, and we look at the space as an opportunity to do more than just fit it out with the same old tried and tested colours, layouts and look.

3D render of a modern kitchen

Why not ask the cabinetmaker to design my joinery?

We consider what is right for you and your home. Cabinetmakers are experts in construction but not necessarily experts in design. At the end of the design process, they own the drawings and so to get two comparison quotes, you will have to go through the design process with two separate cabinetmakers.

We are the middle - the space between the "what we want" and the "how we achieve it". We design with imagination and vision to maximise a space’s potential whilst being respectful of fabrication techniques and budgets.

The drawings are owned by you and can be quoted by cabinetmakers of your choice based on pricing, timescale, location and scope of works to ensure they are right fit for your project.

Stage 1

Design Brief

We understand that great joinery design involves more than just cabinets and bench space. Achieving your dream space begins with us asking questions to establish how you want your space to look, feel and function. Whether you have lots of ideas or no clue what you need, we are keen investigators, drawing information out of you and giving guidance as to the best path forward.

Some handwritten notes on a Broadfeather Design pad.

Stage 2


Initial concepts are often hand sketched in front of your eyes as we quickly work through various options to determine the best solution to your needs. These sketches are an effective way of communicating an idea before we spend time formally drafting it in design software.

Stage 3

Concept Development

As the concept progresses, we walk you through the design over multiple appointments and make alterations as you see fit. We understand that your joinery needs to be personalised to your needs so we allow time to ensure the detail is right.

Stage 4


Our design software provides 3D renders of your space to give you a sense of scale that plans alone cannot. Available in a cartoon style or a more realistic impression, we show you the design from various angles so that you can be sure of how the space will look and feel.

Stage 5

Design Review

Completed joinery drawings go hand in hand with our detailed specification documents. Before these are sent to any cabinetmakers, we sit down with you to make sure you love your selections and understand what materials and finishes are being utilised in which locations.

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