Spatial planning

If you have a space that isn’t functioning but you don’t know how to change it, we have the brainpower you need. Spatial planning is a secret weapon that some, but not all, interior designers have in their armoury.

We're here to help

Have you hit a roadblock in rearranging your room layout? Do you have a long wish list but don’t know where to start?

Why not go straight to a building designer or architect?

We believe there is great value in completing the spatial planning phase with people who have experience and training in how people use spaces and how different layouts can impact how you feel in them.

We go beyond making sure you have room sizes that work; we drill down to ensure that your unique design needs can be met within the floor plan before a building designer or architect spends large amounts of time creating or revising a full set of working drawings.

With qualifications and hands-on skills in building and construction, the Broadfeather Design team is perfectly placed to help you. We know how best to manipulate existing structures into spaces that function as well as they look.

A house floorplan.

Case Study



With the living area at the front of the home and the bedrooms at the back, the layout was not well suited to modern family life. When the clients spent time in the kitchen or living area, they were not able to oversee the children playing in the back garden. This lack of connection resulted in them under-utilising the outdoor area.


The clients love to entertain but the kitchen was almost completely disconnected from the rest of the house. This meant that whilst preparing food for guests, they felt isolated from the party.


As the children grow older, having only one bathroom was becoming increasingly problematic. The clients’ dream was to have an ensuite to give them longevity in the home.



The relocated living area now opens up onto the deck with large bifold doors. This makes the room feel more open than the previous living room that was jammed into a U shape internal area of the home. Large windows provide great visibility of the back garden from inside the house. Whilst still a compact space, it is the same size as their living room in the original layout.


The new kitchen location truly brings it into the heart of the home. Centred between the pantry/Euro laundry and the dining room, the clients can now undertake the daily household work whilst still participating in family life.


By raising the floor level to match the rest of the house, we were able to give the clients a master bedroom complete with ensuite and more than three times as much storage as their previous bedroom. The ensuite even contains a shallow linen closet!