Project Darcy

According to the homeowners, this brick home was one of the first built in Wheelers Hill, Melbourne. Project Darcy is typical of homes constructed in the 1970’s; the floorplan was a rabbit warren of small interlinking spaces which made modern, open plan family living impossible.  

Our spatial planning prowess was used to flip the locations of every room at the rear of the home and maximise living area views across a reserve at the back of the property. When initially discussing a colour scheme for the new kitchen, the clients requested a kitchen with all white doors. Sensing that their drive for a white kitchen was coming from their experience of an existing timber kitchen in a gloomy home, we encouraged them to take a leap of faith and embrace the use of two different door colours. With the huge amount of natural light flooding in through the new sliding doors and skylights, the combination of light benchtops with pale grey and timber grain doors, the kitchen still looks light and open. As an added bonus, the feature patterned splashback tile has been used to create a work of art in the new open plan area. 

One of our favourite moments was in tackling the entry to the home. Previously the space was a cream coloured, personality free zone. A fresh coat of paint, some artwork, feature wall lighting and some plant life produce a new and invigorating entrance to the home without changing the floor plan.


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