Project Olivia

Even though Project Olivia had a tiny footprint of 97m2, this project was a major one. The bathroom was the only room in the house that stayed in its previous location! The 1970’s Brisbane weatherboard house was typical of its era, built with little consideration of flow, use of space or energy efficiency.

Whilst small, the home was very charming in its pre-renovated form. The original metal window screens added a real focal point to each room. The clients had also collected a beautiful range of furniture, artwork and mementos over the years, sourced both locally and on their travels.

The brief included relocating the living to the rear of the home, adding in as much storage as humanly possible, creating an entertaining space for friends to congregate whilst cooking, and last but not least, to create a relaxed beach house vibe. With so much personality packed into the couple and their belongings, a lot of fun was had making their home a true reflection of their personalities and their lifestyle.


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