Biophilic design

This specialised area of design looks at how your home, workplace and public spaces can positively contribute to your level of health and wellbeing.

We are one of the few interior design firms in Australia that can offer you both formal qualifications and experience in the application of biophilic design. Tracey, our Queen of Design and Studio Guru, has studied with University of Melbourne who are at the forefront of education in this field.

So what is this biophilic design that we keep referring to?

A design process in which consideration of health and wellbeing is first and foremost. Creating harmony within the built environment and a stronger sense of place through connection with nature. A fitout with biophilic design brings financial gains, makes business sense, and will be the way of the future.

Sounds too good to be true? Have a look at the benefits below!

Benefits of Biophilia

Residential Benefits


Improvements in quality of life with reduced levels of stress, a strengthened immune system and improved energy levels


Encourages interaction with, and a feeling of belonging in community


Improved sleep performance allowing quicker rest and recovery from our fast paced lives

Continuous line drawing of a woman sitting up and stretching in bed.

Commercial Benefits


Reduced stress levels of employees resulting in increased performance


Increases in foot traffic and time spent in commercial spaces resulting in increase of sales


It strongly encourages social interaction and, when combined with inclusive design even greater benefits can be achieved

Continuous line drawing of three business people enjoying a cup of coffee together

Biophilia in the wild

Have you walked into a café and instantly felt relaxed and at ease?

What about when you go to the doctor? Have you ever walked past a retail shop and debated whether to go in to have a look or not? Or maybe you are drawn to some areas of your home more than others.

Have you ever wondered why that is, and what makes a difference to how we feel? There is science behind how we tick and there are a lot of biophilic “tricks of the trade” that we can use to help you and your space.